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a documentary about Asian Masculinity by Doris Yeung

Korean American adoptee and fitness model Kevin Kreider has spent his whole career trying to answer the question:"Can Asian men be sexy?” 
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Synopsis & Trailer


From the outside, Philly based Korean American adoptee and fitness model Kevin Tae-jin Kreider seems to have it all: Looks, Muscles, Chutzpah, Confidence and Charisma. He has a popular Instagram and vlog and has modeled around the world for the likes of Men’s Health, Gillette and Abercrombie & Fitch. However, underneath those layers of muscle fibers, lies a loneliness and insecurity that deeply affects the psyche of a Korean adoptee growing up as an Asian male in America.


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World Première

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

SATURDAY, MAY 4, 2019 • 9:00 PM
Japanese American National Museum’s Tateuchi Democracy Forum • 100 N Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Asian American International Film Festival

FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2019 • 6:30 PM

Asia Society • 725 Park Ave • New York, NY 10021

Bushwick Film Festival 

SUNDAY, OCT 6TH, 2019 • 2PM

Syndicated • 40 Bogart Street • Brooklyn, New York

Adoptee Hub (Adoptees & Family Only)

SATURDAY, JULY 18TH, 2020 • 12.45PM CDT


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About Us

Doris Yeung


Doris Yeung is an Asian American filmmaker from San Francisco, Bay Area. She has written and directed films in the US, Asia and Europe and has studied at UCLA, American Film Institute and Beijing Film Academy. She directed her first feature film, MOTHERLAND (2009) set in San Francisco, starring renowned Chinese and Canadian actors, Francoise Yip and Kenneth Tsang . It was named one of the 10 best Asian American Films of 2009 by Asian Pacific Arts Magazine and her a “filmmaker to watch” by the Hollywood Reporter. Her second feature film TAXI STORIES (2017)  has screened in over 30 festivals around the world and will be released in 2018. She founded CinemAsia Film Festival in Amsterdam

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Bianca Kuijper


Bianca was adopted from South Korea and grew up in The Netherlands. From 2011-2016 Bianca was general manager at CinemAsia Film Festival, the Asian film festival in the Netherlands. In 2016 she moved to New York and her passion remains in  using cinema as medium to broaden horizons and create mutual understanding. THE UGLY MODEL is her first project as a documentary producer.

Bing Wang

Creative Producer

A Brooklyn transplant by way of his native China, Bing Wang is a documentary filmmaker who adores cinéma vérité and loves to investigate family, communication and identity topics. His feature debut, “The Ability Exchange” (2016), acclaimed as “a one-man band empathy engine” by Indiewire, explores disability and inclusion in an intimate American college classroom. Bing is known for his editing and production skills which have been featured in an impressive portfolio of powerful films, including: “9-Man” (2014), “Complicit” (2017), “The Naked Truth: China Queer” (2017), “People’s Republic of Desire” (2018), “One Child Nation” (2019) and "The Ugly Model" (2019).


Martijn van Veen

Director of Photography / Editor


Martijn van Veen is an Amsterdam based editor/ DP who has worked with numerous commercial and governmental clients exploring all different aspects of media productions; from conceptual to post-production. Martijn’s strengths are his fast, instinctive and rhythmic editing skills and a keen eye with camera and camjo work. Martijn has a Masters in Media & Culture from the University of Amsterdam. His latest feature film was “Taxi Stories” (directed by Doris Yeung) where he was DP and editor.

Associate Producer

Byung Sa

Executive Producers

David Panda Lee

Richard Hsieh

Assistant Editor

Yasin Maddamin


Journalists and reviewers may contact for interviews, press notes, screeners, images and special requests. 

Film Review Asian Cinevision

‘The Ugly Model’ is the real role model we needed in our childhood. Review by Wendy Xie - Asian Cinevision


Nextshark: "‘The Ugly Model’ Film on Kickstarter Wants to Change How the World Sees Asian Men"

Knight AmDoc Patron fund supports The Ugly Model doc and recognizes the film for artistry, bold content, timely topics and intimate point of view!


WWAM BAM! "Stereotypes of Asian Men Focus of Forthcoming Documentary 'The Ugly Model'

AsAmNews! "Like many adult Asian American men, I had to go through this phase of self-loathing, wondering where this shame and self-hatred is coming from. I know that there is a young Asian American boy out there going through this unpleasant phase and possibly thinking he’s ugly, he’s unattractive, he might even be thinking of harming himself."

The Fung Bros. Kevin about Kimchi Fried Rice and THE UGLY MODEL DOC (Kevin joins lunch at 8.17")


"Cool to see that there are also Asian women behind this project" "It's an interesting topic that's highly worth delving into, whatever race, gender or orientation you are." "This documentary is good for Asian men. "

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